Sunday, 25 January 2015

This week happiness is... #28

Watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for the first time! Cracking film, can't wait to see the second one!

My friends being awesome and cheering me up after some nastiness on facebook. It was from my ex and his brother commenting on something I posted about page three, you can read my opinions in this post. I'm all for hearing alternate opinions, but not when my opinion is totally ignored and disregarded. Especially when it comes from an ex who is the perfect example of male entitlement. I've written a post about it because of some of the things they said and things I learnt from the situation but not sure I'll post it.

Absolute radio. Only station I listen to (on my beautiful new radio baby).

Getting my camera back yaaaaay! I've been playing about with it again but have still been using my iPhone camera because it turns out the pictures do come out well!

Sunny days and long walks to clear my head.

Laughing at people on twitter telling me that "tits are gross and if you have sex you're going to hell" 'cos scientifically, that makes total sense mate.

Pulling myself together and doing the best I can considering the circumstances. Honestly it's been a shit week so I haven't got many more happy things I can remember. I feel like I'm always complaining and being negative, which I am, but honestly this week was super crummy. I'm ill, have no appetite or energy, no job, no motivation to do uni work or paint or anything, and my curtain broke AND the pot my new cactus was in smashed and spilled soil all over the floor. 

I hope you guys have had a great week. I'm so out of the loop, I need to catch up on everyone's blogs and comment, and reply to comments! I'm so sorry guys I'm usually ace at chatting but I've been hiding from the real world and internet world and immersing myself in Drop Dead Diva world (yes I'm still obsessed haha). Much love to you all xoxo

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Amber Love 2015 survey results!

Hey guuuyyyys. Sorry this wasn't posted sooner and the winner of the giveaway has been chosen so late into January (it can totally work as a February survival pack too though) it's been a busy but also not so busy and just blurry few weeks. I've been really ill for a couple of months but hopefully the Dr will fix me next week.

I thought it might be interesting to look at some of the results and chat about what you guys want and what I can actually manage to do to improve it. I want to use your inputs, but there are times I won't take advice as I wouldn't start posting about things I just don't care about, I think you guys know that though :)

Most of you follow on Bloglovin, and most of you comment occassionally. Someone said that the platform was difficult to comment with, I'm not sure what I can do with that 'cos I have found Disqus the easiest to use, but if there are any further suggestions to this please do let me know!

Your favourite posts are mostly lifestyle, which lots of you also want to see more of, but most of you would like to see more fashion/personal style posts. I have started doing more of these in the form of outfit posts. I have my camera back now so will be back on track! I hope you like them :)

Most of you said your favourite aspect of the blog was the writing which I'm pretty pleased with, I put a lot of effort into the writing, it's the part of blogging I love the most! The layout is the least fave aspect, fair enough, I think I'd be disappointed if ye all preferred the layout to the content haha! I did change the layout during the survey so I don't know what anyone thinks of the new layout? I know it's garish but I love glitter and pink and tacky things. So for now my blog is tacky, pink and glittery yay! I want it to represent me, and not look like just another fashion blog with the clean white background and black lines. Someone also suggested changing the background every few months. Now I'm sure lots of bloggers can manage this but I don't have the time or the skill to be changing it that often! My blog had looked the same for the majority of it's life and that's something I like. Most bloggers seem to love changing up their layout but to me I like it to be consistent. I think my layout will change properly once my blog gets to that "next level".

Someone suggested doing posts like "top 5 mascaras" or other such products. While this is a good suggestion and I know these are popular posts, I just won't be able to write them. I own one mascara and have bought the same one every time for the last five years. This isn't a beauty blog, if that is what you are looking for there are hundreds and hundreds of them out there for you :) I have one small, not anywhere near full basket of make up and that's all i'm interested in haha. I share beauty reviews of products that have annoyed me or that I really really love.

More pictures was another suggestion which I am already trying to work on. I live in a rather unphotogenic house but I would love to share more photos with you! It's just having the guts to whip my camera out everywhere. You also gave me lovely comments about finding my voice this year which I really appreciate!

The winner has been chosen and emailed yay! Huge thank you to everyone who took the survey, it is such a great help for me to figure out what to focus my attention on. It also brings my attention to the things that I just won't change, it's good for me to take on board some suggestions, but only if they work for me. Thank you all so much again, big love and hugs! xo

Friday, 23 January 2015

7 Facts About Me & 15 Favourite Blogs || The Versatile Blogger Award

...and possibly the longest title I've ever written...

Haven't done something like this in a while! I generally don't do tag posts 'cos I have so many other things to write about I find them a distraction. But this one is sweet 'cos you share seven facts about yourself, something I haven't posted much before. I think I did a 5 facts about me post but I can't even remember if I published it... (I feel so bad admitting that to you)! I was nominated to do this by Maeve of Thrift o'Clock, go and read her seven facts!

You also share fifteen of your favourite blogs, so either they can do this too, or if not at least I will have shared some blogs for you all to read :) I also have a blog roll which to be honest probably isn't longer than fifteen... but I have found new favourite blogs since I last updated it so I am going to share the blogs I love that I have only started following recently... (and some others old favourites...)

And now seven facts about me... (I'll try and make them interesting, I swear)

.I have three scars. Two old one new. 

.I have always been, and always will be, obsessed with Cats! the musical.

.I don't drink Malibu anymore.

.I do drink white wine spritzers though.

.I just spent my £15 Argos voucher on new bed sheets.

.The Clash are probably my favourite band.

.I don't like courgettes and believe they are the food of the devil.

If I tagged you then go for it! But I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea :) I look forward to reading if anyone does though! xo

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Page 3 is Still Sexist

I hate to be a party pooper/rain on your parade etc etc I know lots of people are celebrating this "victory" over The Sun. Which if you haven't heard is that page 3 is no more! Except it is, the girls are just wearing bras now and so covering up their nipples. Which quite obviously contradicts the feminist campaign "free the nipple". And that's just for starters.

Women are judged and shamed for breastfeeding. They are shunned to grotty toilets or the corner, like feeding a baby is shameful, like we should hide our natural bodies. We are told to cover up when we wear low cut tops, or short skirts. Called sluts for having boobs that are "too" big, whatever the hell that means. Yet, when those boobs belong to someone who is considered "hot" by the male audience and newspaper editors then they need to be on show, they need to be appreciated. It's a bit contradictory isn't it? No go away boobs we don't want to see you you are shameful! Oh boobs on page 3 how wonderful oh yay! Errr... you can't have it both ways.

...Which they apparently seem to have realised as they put bras on these "hotter" boobs. It's like they made the link between the two, as many others have, and decided "well we can't be telling them to cover up, but calling those against page three prudes..." and then concluding that covering up the boob is the best option. Noticed how none of these decisions were women? None of these decisions are being made by women who believe in equality. The way our bodies are being displayed and portrayed is still being decided by those in our society who do not see women as fit to rule their own bodies, or make their own decisions.

Feminists want equality, so we want women to be able to make decisions about their own bodies, just like men are able to. This situation is just one of the many ways in which women's bodies are being ruled by others. You might think that it is their choice, the woman on page three. It probably was her choice, but only because she has the right body, the right look and the right boobs.... according to men anyway.

Another, better article from the same viewpoint as mine is on Vice if you want to read more. After writing this I now realise I gave it the same title as their article... not on purpose and I've left it because it's the most explanatory title! Let me know your thoughts. 

EDIT: So The Sun is printing topless models again after getting everyone to write about them in a big stunt. But they've also brought a lot more attention to the No More Page 3 campaign. Everything I said still stands. For people who think those of us against page three are prudes we are not, we just want to have control over where and when our bodies are displayed.

They are still showing boobs off like oh yay look at these boobs they are amazing and hot... while the pressure on breastfeeding mothers is still there. I'm not sure how we can go about fighting this, others will always twist feminist words to put them in a bad light.

Unforch after all of this drama I've had shit on facebook and a tiny bit on twitter. Although on twitter it was a pathetic "tits are gross and if you have sex you're going to hell" which made me LOL to be honest. It's been a rough few days for me, and that is why I need feminism. So my point of view will be taken as seriously as any man's. So I will not be accused of being emotional and dramatic. So I have the fucking right to not talk to an ex-boyfriend without worrying about being harassed. I'm pretty sure after what I've been put through I have the right to be angry and upset, but in order for people to listen I have to keep my head on straight and keep calm while they are allowed to lose their shit and come up with poorly constructed arguments.

Can you tell I'm a little rattled?