Friday, 29 August 2014

Tunes #2

Chocolate - The 1975
This whole album actually. It's my fave right now. It's my driving jam. I'm dying to see them live again after Isle of Wight festival, they were amazing despite being ridiculously drunk.

Left Hand Free - Alt-j
This songs kinda different to the stuff on their previous album, but they still have a pretty distinctive sound so you can tell it's them! It's still chill but a bit more jammy. (I could totally write about music - everyone uses words like chill and jammy to describe music right?!)

It Doesn't Have to be Beautiful - Slow Club
I've only started listening to Slow Club recently, you might have only heard of them recently too 'cos they're starting go all mainstream. Which maybe isn't a bad thing but I personally don't like the new poppy sound they have, I much prefer the old weird folk shiz. I also much prefer the way they did their music videos before, this one is so cute. If you only listen to one of these songs make it this one, it's so so happy and lovely!

King City - Swim Deep
I've been listening to more of Swim Deep's songs for a while, but I don't like including more than one from each person. They're super mega chill, and even though they're from Birmingham listening to them completely reminds me of being in Portsmouth! Probably from listening to them so much while I lived there and well they have a song called The Sea...

Let me know if you listen to any of these, or if you already have. And anything you've been listening to and think I might like (or not!) go ahead and tell me that too - always looking for new music :)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

OOTD || little mermaid leggings & chav white hi-tops

choker necklace - some market somewhere || crop top - river island a very long time ago || little mermaid leggings - black milk 
nike hi-tops - dunno they're from the little boys section 'cos my feet are too small for grown up shoes.

I can't even write an outfit post without being super sarky. Phew. #sorrynotsorry mega LOLZ. I mean what...

Again I have to apologise for how cawkward I am... my face is just... classic Amber really. I was actually mostly wearing a jumper with this outfit and it probably looked better than the crop top but the sun suddenly came out so I whipped it off. Now I obviously have to talk about the leggings, they're so in yo' face I can't not really. I love Disney, and I love mad leggings, so when they're put together oh my staaars so much awesome on my legs right there. Going to be living in these for the foreseeable future, apologies to all my other clothes. These hi-tops were labelled 'chav white' by a friend of mine and it kinda stuck in my head. Hope I'm not offending anyone with that, chavs are lovely people really.

What do you think of crazeee leggings? Also leggings as pants?! So many say no way, but when they look like this how can you not?!

Monday, 25 August 2014

This week happiness is... #7

Staying out late at the skate park and stargazing. I saw three shooting stars! Was so peaceful.

Actually skating as well and slightly improving :')

Rekorderlig strawberry and lime cider. So it's not sunny anymore but I'm not gonna let that stop me drinking summer ciders! (Can we just take a moment to appreciate cider please? Isn't it the best?)

Shopping day with my mama and finding the perfect pair of jeans! I have been hunting (yes hunting) for the perfect pair of high waisted 'mom' jeans for sooo long. They just never fit me quite right - always too baggy on my waist but too tight on my legs. But Urban Outfitters had the perfect pair and oh so soft.

Chocolate frappe milkshakes from caffe nero.

Excitement of moving back to Portsmouth building up!

Skyping my best friend for a mega needed catch up. I haven't seen her all summer 'cos she lives in Slovenia and I miss her so much! We hugged our laptops when we said bye...

Seeing my lil sis performing in a show in London after her spending a week doing classes down there - it was so good! Well done bista! ;)

Sorry this has gone up a day late, I wasn't sure it'd even go up. It's been a stressful week, and I know I say this in everrryyy single post but blogging is so hard right now! And I also say this every week - it's you guys keeping me going :') so cheer me up and tell me the best bits of your week! xo

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

I am, I am trying to be, I am not...

This photo was from a set for an outfit post but the rest of the photos weren't good enough to make a post. So I've stuck this one in here ;)

I saw this post on Kerri's blog (one of my faves) and she had seen it on someone else's blog and I think this post is gonna be doing the rounds 'cos it is a lovely, simple one.

I am...
.Hugely sarcastic
.A good friend (wow that's a boring one)
.Getting better at writing! I think...
.Insecure and nervous

I am trying to be...
.More interesting
.Less annoying
.A better person
.More focused on actual good things in life, rather than worrying about other people and everything bad all the time.
.More organised with blogging! It will get there at some point, although I'm not really sure where there is...

I am not...
.An introvert or an extrovert. Can we really box people into just these two options?
.Exercising enough at all
.Good at painting my nails

So. There you go! Struggling again with blogging and reading my fave blogs gives me a lil kick of inspiration, so thanks Kerri :') If any of you have done it/will do it link it to me in the comments! And I'll ask you the same thing Kerri asked ('cos it was a genius idea!) and if you don't do a post of it, do a couple of these for yourself in the comments!