Wednesday, 26 November 2014

10 things I love about winter

1. Wearing a hat, mittens, a scarf and two pairs of socks for extra cosiness. My housemate keeps laughing at my rainbow hat 'cos it doesn't go with anything.

2. Christmas candles. Typical blogger fad alert! Except I've never had a Yankee candle, mine comes from Wilkinson's for £1.75. It's the Glade ones that are usually a fiver. I've gone through two already and bought my housemate one. My whole room smells amazing when I've been burning it! 

3. I made this point in my 10 things I love about autumn post earlier this year but it rings even truer now that the weather is colder and wetter; being able to stay inside without feeling guilty! I love nights out but when it's this cold the struggle of what to wear is too much, and everyone understands this, so I have a real reason to stay snuggled up inside.

4. Planning Christmas gifts. I love giving people presents more than anything! Birthdays and Christmas are my faves, even just spotting little things throughout the year to get to cheer someone up. At this time of year I have an excuse for all the online shopping! And I can actually click buy and it's OK! And seeing how spot on I am with presents is so great when I see their face ;)

5. Another one I said in 10 things I love about autumn that I can't go without mentioning - hot soup. Except this time round it's specifically my homemade soup, specifically my homemade onion or sweet potato soup. If you often read this blog you'll know I've been mentioning soup in nearly every post! Making it is so satisfying and it tastes amazing! Keep your eyes peeled for recipes later this week...

6. Twinkly Christmas lights. I love anything remotely sparkly, glittery and glowy. Fairy lights are up there, and so are Christmas lights! It's like being in a warm cosy room even when at the shops! 

7. Christmas markets. So far I've only been to the one in Portsmouth, not gonna lie, it's crap. It has some chocolate stalls, a hot chocolate stall, German sausages and mulled wine, obviously, and one stall that I actually like which sells cosy looking capes and quirky rings and incense. My kinda shit.

8. Blankets! I have two blankets now, one I've had all my life that my Nanny made for me when I was a baba. I love it it's so quaint. This year I got a new blanket that's red and fluffy, and has been seen here on the blog! My parents got it for me when I started uni this year and I love it. It feels Christmassy 'cos it's red and velvety, like a Mrs Claus cape!

9. The atmosphere. OK, this is a weird one, 'cos it's possible that this isn't even a thing and I'm just making it up... but in winter I just feel like there's such a happy buzz everywhere! Maybe because of Christmas, maybe 'cos it's nearly the start of a new year, I don't know for sure, but there's something that makes everything seem a little bit better.

10. Holidays and family time, these intertwine and I know not everyone gets much or any time off at Christmas but luckily for me I get three weeks off uni which I'll be spending with my family and I'm so excited!

What are your favourite things about winter? Do you celebrate Christmas? My last point there reminded me to say big love to those who work Christmas day - paramedics, firefighters, nurses, careworkers and so so many more, MWAH! (That's a big kiss btw).

Monday, 24 November 2014

Quirky Christmas stocking fillers

Untitled #1

Natural soy wax alphabet candle - asos || pug wrapping tape - asos || Barry M nail polish - boots || pug beanie - asos
cat watch - charming charlie || velvet mood stone choker - topshop || batman phone case - hot topic || golden snitch bracelet - etsy || galaxy unicorn stud ear rings - etsy

I loooove Christmas and I loooove buying people presents but I hate not being able to spend more money on the people close to me. Recently for peoples birthdays I've been putting together boxes full of  smaller things, either following a theme or not so much. For my friends birthday this weekend, we got her baking stuff and a cake tin and put it all in a box. Not quite a hamper, but it's homemade and I'm doing my best to scrimp on the bits that don't matter as much. These little gifts are all cheap, but put them all together in a Christmas hamper and they make a great selection. You can choose any theme of things, a bunch of stuff select to that specific person. Instead of doing a box, do a large stocking! Or if you already do, these gifts make great stocking fillers.

This list is actually pretty specific to things I like, pugs, unicorns, Harry Potter, sparkle and magic, yay! If you know of anymore great independent shops, including ones on etsy, please let me know! I'm loving them for my Christmas shopping!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

This week happiness is... #20

I love my cosy bed.

Writing happy list number 20 yay! I think somewhere along the way I missed one week, and a couple of times these posts appear on a Monday not Sunday but I'm managing to stick with this little series. It really helped me get back into the swing of blogging and I know I'll always have something to post each week!

Wearing my ridiculous Christmas jumper. It has rudolph smoking a pipe of snow with a big red pom pom nose and actual bells in his antlers. So I jingle whenever I move. My housemate came into my room just as I'd put it on, the look he gave me was priceless.

White hot chocolate to treat myself and cheer myself up after a hard morning, and buying another candle from wilkos as I already finished the one before! I bought the exact same one cos it smells so good!

Making onion soup for the first time ever and oh my stars it was amazing! I'm not even going to try to be modest here OK, I've always been told I'm a terrible cook, fair enough I was! But I make the best god damn homemade soup ever. Probably.

Cosy nights in bed watching Dexter with the fairy lights all on and candles going, and my soft red blanket keeps me extra snug.

First night out in London with my fave people. We went to fabric 'cos it was the birthdays of two of my friends this week, both of them turning 20 too so we wanted to make it a big one.

Ordering pizza and eating and napping and eating and napping and eating and napping...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Book Review || The Redbreast

The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo

Err I don't even know where to begin. I have previously reviewed The Bat and Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo, also of the same character, Harry Hole. This book was very different. I think that there is a jump between the previous two books and this one, this one is set in Oslo, unlike the last two. The Redbreast also has quite a different structure to it. Same typical alcoholic, single, unlucky in love detective but this book has sections set in 1994 as well as 1999. I honestly am finding this so hard to write about because I couldn't grasp who all the characters were. Which is also part of the way it's written, so I'm not complaining, it just makes it very hard to keep track, and hard to unravel what actually happened in your head. You are left unsure if you even understood who anyone was! And some parts seem to be left unsaid at the end, maybe this is on purpose again, I hope so! I will obviously write up reviews for when I read the next books and it'll hopefully all become clear.

For now I'll leave you with, this is confusing and hard to read at times, a little frustrating, but real and raw. And different.