Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Student Life || Halloween

Halloween is a pretty big deal at uni, basically just 'cos it's another excuse to dress up and go on a big night out. And the house parties. It can also be expensive but I honestly think it's ridiculous buying a whole new costume when you can pretty much make one from things you'll have lying around, and maybe just spending a couple of quid on some make up or fake blood. I am going to recycle last years costume 'cos we went out thinking we could get in, but didn't have wristbands and were too late to buy (this was my fault for not doing my work on time and having to quickly do it while sitting in my costume). So we didn't really get to utilise last years costumes.

Another costume from last year which, again, didn't cost anything, and was also absolutely terrifying....

Learning from my mistakes, this year I will be making sure any work is done on time, getting tickets for an event, or knowing I have a party to go to, leaving the house on time and having my costume prepared! Last year we ended up sitting in a friends kitchen drinking tea at 1am in our costumes. Not this year! If I need multiple costumes, I have a plain black mask that I can use for a number of things and then just use clothes and make up I already have to sort it.

I'm planning to decorate our house this week, obviously without spending money. I have a stack of coloured paper in my room, of course, which I'll use to cut out different shapes like pumpkins and spiders and stick them to the windows. I'm also going to have a go at making bunting, like when you make the paper dolls in a row that hold hands? Yeh that but with pumpkins. Plastic spider decorations I am not a fan of and am not allowing in the house. Last year my housemates tied one to a bit of string and blu-tacked it to my bedroom ceiling. They really didn't realise how terrified I am of spiders.... it wasn't funny at the time but they were probably more freaked out by my reaction than I was by the spider! OK that's a lie but you get what I mean...

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Tight junctions in the blood-brain barrier...

This is what I look like every day at the moment. Damp messy hair, shorts/skirt, tights, shirt and no make up. Not wearing anything at all interesting. Although as I'm writing this I'm wearing my silver mermaid leggings and die hippy scum t shirt, but as usual, by the time I had a chance to go out to take photos, it was already dark. Cue a mini meltdown on my bed about not having enough hours in the day to get everything done.

I am trying to blog regularly but I hate putting up posts I'm not totally happy with. And at the moment I just don't have the time to take good quality photos and write good quality posts often enough. I have barely even been able to think of ideas as I've got a bit swamped by everything and tired, so my imagination seems to be dwindling.

I had a schedule to do Halloween make up and an OOTD but I just haven't had the chance to try out the make up look or dress up, the only chance I'll get is before the Halloween parties I'm going to, so you might be lucky and get a post the day after... but I can't promise haha. Life kind of looks like this right now...

I have basically just been studying, sleeping and going out with friends recently. So yes, I am getting down time with my friends (wouldn't really call it down time though...) but I am so not bothered with cooking at the moment so have been eating crap, and every time I change my clothes or have to decide what to wear they get thrown on the floor.

I have Friday off this week though yay! So three day weekend! Although it'll probably be spent feeling hungover and sorry for myself after Halloween. I'm writing up my schedule for November and will be making sure I still post good shit.

I simply wanted to post this because I always post my happy lists on Sundays, which is so important, especially at the moment with everything being pretty stressful, to remind me that I still had a decent week. But I did also want to post that right now life is all whirly, not necessarily a bad thing, but that's how it is at the moment.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

This week happiness is... #16

Subway. Yuuummmm. I've hardly been cooking for myself at all, I just never seem to have food in! And when I do, whatever I make tastes awful... so Subway and pizza have been my best friends this week.

Cuddles in my huge bed with the housemates. We do this a lot. They were still up one night when I got back from a house party so we all had a little snuggle in my bed.

Caribbean twist. Too easy to drink and I can pretend it's like a nice cocktail. Only it's cheap.

Being able to cope better when things have gone wrong. I had some exciting news I wasn't going to share for a while, and it's kind of gone to pot. But instead of getting bogged down I immediately started thinking of alternatives, and I got one! So fingers crossed!

Hello Kitty tights and two pairs of over the knee socks arriving from ASOS - oh my stars they are amazing!

Endless cups of tea. I'm pretty sure I said this last week... but seriously I've been so busy this week and endless cups of tea is all that has kept me going! So happy it's the weekend...

Three exhausting nights out in a row (what was I thinking?! I'm second year now, I don't have that kind of stamina anymore!) that may have meant my time at the weekend was mostly spent sleeping but it was so worth it.

Seeing JAWS! If you haven't heard of them go have a listen, they're a super awesome band from Birmingham and they were playing in Gosport last night. And as my housemate is milking his birthday as much as he can he decided we would go.

This week was busy, as usual. I'm still getting used to second year and am still settling into the work load. How was your week? xo

Friday, 24 October 2014

Art || developing style

I'm not posting these 'cos I'm gonna be like "ooohh come compliment my art please" and "oooh I suck at art" *cough* fishing *cough*. Yeh I'm not gonna do that 'cos art is art and I think it's about enjoying it rather than how good someone is at it, you just have to find a style that suits you. I love drawing because it's peaceful and gives me something I have to focus on. And the end result feels like such an achievement. I got back into drawing only last year and started doing silly sketches with pencils, like those pug birds above. Don't even ask, I don't know where the idea for pug birds came from haha.

I always drew animals because I know I'm terrible at drawing people, especially people's faces. I can't get expressions at all. So I figured if I wanted to draw people I'd have to come up with another way of doing it. And my lovely mama also bought me art pens. And I remembered how much I love drawing in pen!

There is no way I'd be able to get the face shape or any shading right! So doing a silhouette type drawing like this actually works for me! I also realised that if I do want to do shading, I can use a fine pen to make tiny dots. Such a classic GCSE "technique" to be using but it works for me!

Totally unfinished haha. I always get bored of the same drawing so my sketchbook is full of unfinished everythings.

I haven't much time at the moment to do any drawing, or much else. But once I've settled into a routine with the amount of work I have I'll be getting back to quick pen sketches. And I have watercolours now yay!

This post is basically 'cos lots of people like art, but not everyone has the time to spend ages working on amazing pieces. It's kind of a back seat hobby. But there are ways to still produce things you like, just by playing around and finding what you are able to draw, and finding different styles to draw the things you can't draw.