Monday, 24 November 2014

Quirky Christmas stocking fillers

Untitled #1

Natural soy wax alphabet candle - asos || pug wrapping tape - asos || Barry M nail polish - boots || pug beanie - asos
cat watch - charming charlie || velvet mood stone choker - topshop || batman phone case - hot topic || golden snitch bracelet - etsy || galaxy unicorn stud ear rings - etsy

I loooove Christmas and I loooove buying people presents but I hate not being able to spend more money on the people close to me. Recently for peoples birthdays I've been putting together boxes full of  smaller things, either following a theme or not so much. For my friends birthday this weekend, we got her baking stuff and a cake tin and put it all in a box. Not quite a hamper, but it's homemade and I'm doing my best to scrimp on the bits that don't matter as much. These little gifts are all cheap, but put them all together in a Christmas hamper and they make a great selection. You can choose any theme of things, a bunch of stuff select to that specific person. Instead of doing a box, do a large stocking! Or if you already do, these gifts make great stocking fillers.

This list is actually pretty specific to things I like, pugs, unicorns, Harry Potter, sparkle and magic, yay! If you know of anymore great independent shops, including ones on etsy, please let me know! I'm loving them for my Christmas shopping!

Sunday, 23 November 2014

This week happiness is... #20

I love my cosy bed.

Writing happy list number 20 yay! I think somewhere along the way I missed one week, and a couple of times these posts appear on a Monday not Sunday but I'm managing to stick with this little series. It really helped me get back into the swing of blogging and I know I'll always have something to post each week!

Wearing my ridiculous Christmas jumper. It has rudolph smoking a pipe of snow with a big red pom pom nose and actual bells in his antlers. So I jingle whenever I move. My housemate came into my room just as I'd put it on, the look he gave me was priceless.

White hot chocolate to treat myself and cheer myself up after a hard morning, and buying another candle from wilkos as I already finished the one before! I bought the exact same one cos it smells so good!

Making onion soup for the first time ever and oh my stars it was amazing! I'm not even going to try to be modest here OK, I've always been told I'm a terrible cook, fair enough I was! But I make the best god damn homemade soup ever. Probably.

Cosy nights in bed watching Dexter with the fairy lights all on and candles going, and my soft red blanket keeps me extra snug.

First night out in London with my fave people. We went to fabric 'cos it was the birthdays of two of my friends this week, both of them turning 20 too so we wanted to make it a big one.

Ordering pizza and eating and napping and eating and napping and eating and napping...

Friday, 21 November 2014

Book Review || The Redbreast

The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo

Err I don't even know where to begin. I have previously reviewed The Bat and Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo, also of the same character, Harry Hole. This book was very different. I think that there is a jump between the previous two books and this one, this one is set in Oslo, unlike the last two. The Redbreast also has quite a different structure to it. Same typical alcoholic, single, unlucky in love detective but this book has sections set in 1994 as well as 1999. I honestly am finding this so hard to write about because I couldn't grasp who all the characters were. Which is also part of the way it's written, so I'm not complaining, it just makes it very hard to keep track, and hard to unravel what actually happened in your head. You are left unsure if you even understood who anyone was! And some parts seem to be left unsaid at the end, maybe this is on purpose again, I hope so! I will obviously write up reviews for when I read the next books and it'll hopefully all become clear.

For now I'll leave you with, this is confusing and hard to read at times, a little frustrating, but real and raw. And different.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Anti Bullying Week

I've learnt over the years that the majority of humans are actually pretty unpleasant. I have to say I have only met in my life so far very few genuinely nice people. Hear me out, don't get defensive and tell me it's my attitude, my attitude is great and I'll explain why. Many people go through life doing and saying what they want without thinking of the consequences. They are self absorbed and can't see past their own life, their own problems and their own successes. Most are also very narrow minded and set in their ways. 

Bad things happen to a lot of people, and some peoples way of dealing with it is to take it out on other people, including loved ones, later in life. Personally I can't see how anyone can use this as a real excuse. Like I said, bad things happen to a lot of people. It happens, we can't do anything about it. Bringing more negativity into the world isn't going to change what happened to you, it won't make it better. Maybe it does make you feel better and if someone could explain that concept to me, please do! I will probably never understand it.

I was bullied from when I was about seventeen, coming to uni helped me escape it. I thought when it stopped, it would stop but it doesn't, it stays with you every day. It affects your whole life. It can affect the way you treat people. Instead of taking out all this hurt and anger at what they did out on other people, I made a decision to always put others first and to make my focus in life bringing positivity into the world and putting my energy into caring for others and trying to improve lives in whatever way possible. 

I don't think that is a hard thing to do. It's something that comes naturally to me now. Of course there are times when I'm listening to someone and I might start to daydream, but then I always remind myself how important it is to be a good listener and always be engaged with what the person is saying. People love to be listened to. Putting others first is easy too, maybe easier for some if you're laid back, I understand not everyone is the same and there are some things we shouldn't compromise on, but we're all too busy looking at our phones and thinking of ourselves to notice someone who might really need out help. Just look at the statistics; suicide has just become the biggest cause of death in men in the UK. And another stat, it's always said that more men die from suicide than women, which is true, but more women attempt suicide than men but fail, as men tend to use more lethal methods. Nowadays people don't have as strong support systems to back them up when times are hard.

A few people reading this will be nodding along and will actually get what I'm saying. Others will also be nodding along too but actually they are the type of people who put themselves first and bumble through life not caring who they hurt. Because those people still think they are right, they can't take criticisms. Criticisms are hard to take, I know. I also know we are supposed to not be so self critical, as apparently humans are, but I think most people aren't being critical enough. I check myself all the time, what I'm doing, what I'm saying to make sure it won't offend or hurt anyone. Side note: yes you can be funny without being offensive. I am constantly thinking to myself "how can I improve me?" I will never be perfect, no one is, and that is not what I am asking of people. How hard is it it to notice when someone needs your help? Needs love and positivity? Or just being thoughtful enough to wash up the dishes. Maybe it's a happier life to not overthink it as much as I'm saying? Maybe it's just my experiences in life so far and I need to get out of here and meet the kind of people I want to know! I'm sure you people are out there!

The majority of people in my life are the self absorbed types, they will never admit it, neither will you if you are one. Probably not anyway. I'll be surprised if anyone does. Until people do, I will carry on putting more positivity into the world and trying to remove some of the hurt and hate, and keep close to me the people who keep the same ethos.

Edit: I said the majority of people in my life, I mean people that I've met over my whole life rather than just now. I'm not very good at writing conclusions haha, bear with me! This one was a bit garbled! So many people hurt people but don't accept responsibility for the consequences. Basically, yes you can treat people how you will and not think too much, but then you can't be surprised when there are consequences. I think that's what I'm trying to say! Hope that makes it more understandable!